Reclaiming Nick

I have always loved fiction that shows Biblical truth rather than tells it. Reclaiming Nick, Susan May Warren’s latest romance release, does just that. Chronicling Nick Noble’s return to his family ranch to face the past, Reclaiming Nick has captured my heart with its true-to-life characters, page-turning plot, and heart-rending truths.

I was privileged to talk with Susan May Warren about this new book which begins the Noble Legacy Series.

Me: Being from Texas, a western-themed romance is right up my alley. Have you always liked cowboys and/or things western or is this a new arena for you?

Susan: Oh, no, I’m truly a cowgirl at heart. My earliest pictures are of me in cool red boots, a turquoise hat and a fringed skirt riding my pony, Sun Dancer (aka, the springy horse in the corner of the basement). I longed to live on a ranch when I grew up, and train horses. My only Christmas wish growing up was a pony. And my favorite shows were Bonanza and Big Valley, and I grew up singing songs from Oklahoma. So, writing a story set in the modern day west, one into which I could interject my sass and favorite things about cowboys was a perfect fit for me.

Me: Where did the idea for Reclaiming Nick and the Noble Legacy series begin?

Susan: Reclaiming Nick, as you might guess, was not the original title. However, when I began to write the story, I realized that these stories were so family driven, that the books had to belong to the main characters. Hence, why we decided to name them, in essence, Nick, Rafe & Stefanie. However the themes I use are taken from Philippians, and are about being the people God desires us to be, people called by his name. His NOBLE name. *g* Actually, the name Nick Noble was born before we decided on the series name, but now I see how God orchestrated it all to work together. As for the idea for Nick – the premise came from a story of grace that is revealed in the book – one that deeply touched me. I began to wonder what a gift of grace might look like, not from the recipient, but the giver…one who never thought he’d never be redeemed. Hence, the story of Nick Noble, the prodigal, who longs to “reclaim” the legacy he forsook.

Me: What is your favorite part of the writing process—research, writing, editing, or marketing—and why?

Susan: I probably enjoy writing the best. Research is fun because I learn so much and it generates ideas, but the writing process for me is like watching a movie, in short scene selections. In fact, I equate writing to the “unraveling of ideas from my brain.” Sometimes there is a snag I need to work out that isn’t so fun, but while I am writing, I have a snarl or knot of story in my head, and I love the discovery of the story threads. (I make it sound like I really don’t know what is going on, but more, it is just the fact that as soon as I unravel one thread, another one surfaces!) Editing is fun only because I enjoy sitting down to read the book and see what God has done. And Marketing – I love to share the message of the story, and watch what God does with it, but by then, I really want to move onto the next story!

Me: What is one thing you hope to accomplish in 2007 that you haven’t done before?

Susan: Wow, I don’t know. I’d like to write a bible study, and a non-fiction book. But on a personal level, (and I know this is sad), I’d like to take a no-kids-along week-long vacation with my hubby. We travel a lot separately, but haven’t gone on vacation for more than one night alone in, well, probably since our honeymoon! I think 18 years is too long to wait between romantic get-aways!

Me: Amen to that, Susan! I think a romance writer, especially, should get more romantic get-aways! Thanks for giving us some insight into your writing and your life.

As for Reclaiming Nick, let me just say that I got the book yesterday afternoon and I’m almost done! I’ve only put it down out of necessity. And I’m already looking forward to the next Noble Legacy book. Taming Rafe should be out around August of 2007.