Don’t you love getting a “new” something? Something fresh, unsullied, full of possibilities?

I got my new laptop this week. A fresh hard drive. A working CDRW drive. A screen that isn’t hanging on by one hinge.

It’s good. It’s exciting. But it has also been time consuming. Setting everything just the way I like it. Linking my favorite websites. Loading my essential programs. I’m ready to get back to writing now.

But I still have the issue of my old hard drive—the one with two blog entries written but not posted. The one with the pictures of our England vacation. The one with emails and email addresses I don’t know how to find again.

We are working on recovering these, retrieving information and images I hate to lose. But they haven’t reappeared yet. So I write again, losing myself in what I can do rather than freting over what I cannot. I will do a victory dance if I get my information back. But if I don’t, I must still go on, trusting that the Lord holds even this in His hand. What I need, He will supply.

In His way.

In His time.