Restless by Jennie Allen

For the past 13 months I’ve been floundering.

In my personal life.

In my professional life.

For the first time in many, many years I feel . . . directionless.



Restless by Jennie Allen



So when I read this blog post on Ann Voskamps’s blog, I fell completely apart. And I knew I needed to find out more about Jennie Allen and what she had to say. I added all her books to my kindle wish list. I downloaded Restless: Because You Were Made for More. 



I thought this was a book to read.

I was wrong.

It’s a book to think through.

To journal through.

To pray through.

To be honest, I don’t feel like I have many more answers now than when I opened the first page. But I do feel like I’m asking better questions of both myself and the Lord. And I feel more hopeful that the Lord will reveal His direction for me in the time He chooses. My eyes and ears are open. I’m eagerly waiting. For if I’ve learned anything in the past twenty years, I know that I only want to be in the place the Lord tells me to be, sold out to His will, obedient to His call. It’s in those places that I’ve felt closest to the Lord. Most alive. Most fulfilled. Most reflective of His glory to the world. And isn’t that very the reason we were created?

If you are in a season of restlessness or feeling directionless, I highly recommend Jennie’s book to get you thinking and talking to the Lord about what He has for you. Because He created us each for a unique purpose–even if we don’t feel like it sometimes.

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