Revisiting an Old Friend

When things get a little off-kilter in my life, I tend to turn to old friends. Not just living, breathing human beings of friends, but literary ones, too. So when some unexpected incidents cropped up these past couple of weeks, I reacquainted myself with the darling Emily Byrd Starr of New Moon farm. Do you know her? You ought to. She has some similarities to the impetuous Anne Shirley, but some differences, too, that give Emily her own unique flavor. It’s a trilogy I’ve enjoyed many times before but which did not fail to delight once again.

(Note: I couldn’t find good picture files of the covers that are on my books, so I had to use the newer ones. I like the old ones better. But then, that’s probably because they are familiar.)

Emily series by L.M. Montgomery

4 comments on “Revisiting an Old Friend

  1. Oh, I have these books on my bookcase, but haven’t read them yet. I’m intending to do just that this year. I have read the Anne books and The Blue Castle several times. L.M. Montgomery writes a lovely novel.

    • L.M. Montgomery has some fabulous books beyond the Anne series! Definitely check out the Emily series and others, but my very, very favorite is The Blue Castle.

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