Revisiting High School

Yes, I’m one of those weirdoes who look back with fondness on my high school experience. Not that it was perfect. Far from it. But somehow I understood even then that those years would in many ways be the most carefree of my life. Because of this, I’ve always enjoyed my high school reunions, too.

Five years ago I had to forego the get-together. My husband had been invited to a legal seminar in London over the same weekend and, well, you don’t turn down London! I remember thinking at the time how much I’d have to catch up on at the 25th reunion. Never in a million years did I imagine Facebook!
In the past two years I’ve reconnected with so many of my classmates, seen pictures of their kids, heard what is happening in their lives, that our reunion this weekend will truly be meeting up with old friends instead of an attempt to reignite long-dormant relationships. Of course there will be others there, too—ones I haven’t kept up with through social media. Ones I will be surprised to see again after all these years. But it’s not so overwhelming when I already feel “caught up” with so many.
Now into our 40s, many of us have children graduated from high school, or getting close. Some are even grandparents! Our lives have all taken different paths and yet still we have a past shared experience that bridges the gaps. And remembering who we were then in light of we are now makes me thankful for all that God has done through the years. And I think it gives us all hope for our kids and their friends, too!
I’m looking forward to every minute!