Ring of Secrets by Rosanna White

There are few things that thrill my heart more than an amazingly written piece of historical fiction. I don’t just mean the kind that plops you down in another time and place, replete with details of life and culture, though an amazingly written piece of historical fiction will do just that. And I don’t necessarily mean a historical romance, though often an amazingly written piece of historical fiction will have that, too. I mean the kind of story built on the foundation of historical record, often with the real people involved used as minor characters within the fictional story.

Ring of Secrets by Rosanna WhiteRosanna White has done exactly that with Ring of Secrets. 

I’ve known for a long time I’ve wanted to read this book for I’ve enjoyed Rosanna’s other stories. And I knew I wanted to read it because the years of the American Revolution have fascinated me since my college days. But the book has languished in my gargantuan to read pile all this time. Until we watched the first episode of TURN, AMC’s new series based on General Washington’s ring of spies during the American Revolution. Then I knew it had to jump to the top.

I was enthralled at page 1. Needless to say, Rosanna presents the history of Washington’s spy ring masterfully woven in to the fictional lives of the two main characters. Honestly, the book helped me understand the whole Benedict Arnold affair and why it was important better than any other discussion of the subject. In other words, I learned something–and I love learning! However, if you think all this attention to historical fact makes the book boring, think again! Rosanna creates a compelling heroine and a hero man enough to capture her heart.

I highly recommend Rings of Secrets. It’s a fascinating read from start to finish.