Rising to the Challenge by Alicia A. Willis

Today my friend Alicia Willis releases the third installment in her Comrades of Honor series! (Though I’m told it reads fine as a stand alone.) Yay, Alicia! So to celebrate with her, we’re giving away one copy of the ebook! (See the rafflecopter form below to enter.)

But first let me tell you a little more about the book and Alicia.

Rising to the Challenge

Rising to the Challenge EbookNew difficulties arise for Sir Kenneth Dale in the exciting final installment in The Comrades of Honor Series. As a favorite of the Earl of Birmingham, his life appears tranquil – until the both beautiful Lady Clarissa and a headstrong orphan named Brion arrive in the castle. It is not long before Sir Kenneth finds himself not only in love, but also the master of the most difficult squire Birmingham has ever harbored.

Brion de Lantenac is nothing short of rebellious. Hatred for Sir Kenneth’s strict rules vents itself in constant disobedience, triggering continual clashes between himself and his new lord. But there is a reason behind his self-centered character. The murder of his family has caused heartbreak he may never recover from. Will he ever reveal his true identity to Sir Kenneth? And what about Guthrie, the man who sullied his father’s shire with treacherous hands and now seeks his demise? 

Caught between a hopeless romance, a rebellious squire, and the enemies on all sides, Sir Kenneth finds himself challenged. Amidst battles, heartache, and dark mystery, he must somehow rise to meet the difficulties of his life with honor. Will he ever win his squire’s heart? Will he and Clarissa be forever separated?

Join Sir Kenneth, Brion, and all the comrades of honor in a tale of perseverance, chivalry, and unconditional love. Treachery abounds and evil seems insurmountable. Will rising to the challenge preserve honor and win the day?

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Alicia WillisAlicia is a precious girl. Connect with her on her blog, website, Facebook and Google+ and be sure to enter the giveaway for an ebook copy of Rising to the Challenge.


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  1. I usually read on the Kindle app on my laptop, but you just can’t curl up with a laptop when reading. 🙂 So sometimes I “steal” my mom’s Kindle. 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping in, y’all! And for answering my question! I’m always curious to know what devices people are reading on. I gave up my kindle a year or so ago in favor of an ipad mini, but I kind of miss my dedicated e-reader!

    And yes, this looks like a great book! I hope even those who don’t win a copy will try to get one! 🙂

  3. I have a Kindle & Nook. I use to really use my Nook but most authors now gift for the Kindle so that is my most used 🙂 I would enjoy reading your work…

  4. I have various devices. But reading ebooks, usually falls to my Kindle and my Nook tablet.
    Even with a larger phone, I’m still not comfortable reading books on it. Sounds like a great book. Love that time period.

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