Saving Money Takes Time

I used to be a great money-saver. I clipped coupons. I studied the sale flyers. I went to this store and that store getting the best deals on the things I needed. Now don’t misunderstand. I was never an extreme couponer. It was just that in my role as a stay at home mom, I knew part of my job was to stretch our money as far as it could possibly go. It made me feel as if I were contributing to the economic health of our family when I would save $20 on a trip to the grocery store. 
Lately most of my money saving habits fallen by the wayside. Not because I don’t want or need to save money. After all, come August I’ll have two kids in college! But all of those money-saving techniques require something I don’t have right now.
Yes, saving money takes time, and my obligations now have crowded out those other habits. Oh, I still watch the flyers, but I have less time to sort through and organize my coupons. Or to make trips to multiple stores. I prefer to shop in bulk, for even the time it takes to buy what we need is at a premium. Yet even in this I see the hand of God. Ultimately, I must trust Him as my provider while being a good steward of both the time and the money He’s given me. And what better reminder than a pile of unsorted, mostly expired coupons! Suddenly I find myself talking with the Lord more frequently about my shopping than before. And in spite of the change, I’ve managed to stay within the bounds of my budget. Funny how that happens!
What area of your life is the Lord showing you He can control better than you can? What have you recently surrendered? What are you having trouble surrendering?