Shoe Shopping

I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. I love shoes. But I hate shoe manufacturers.

Here’s the problem: AAA

Yup. Super skinny feet. It’s bad enough with “regular” shoes, but sandals? Nearly impossible. (Unless, of course, you are willing to spend $100 on a pair of shoes, which I’m not!) For the past three summers I’ve been on the hunt. I do have a great pair of dressy off-white sandals. Other than that, it’s been flip-flops. Not any flip-flops, mind you, but the rare find of ones that my feet don’t slide out of before I even take a full step.

One pair lasted two years. I finally found another pair last year, which are great. But there are (many) times I want sandals, not flip-flops. So I went on the hunt yet again. I decided if I began in April instead of June, perhaps something that fit me would be left in the stores. I found myself out shopping unexpectedly today, so I decided to bring my rounds on sandals to an end. I looked at a big discount shoe store. I looked at an upscale department store.


On a last-ditch effort, I decided to check the new JCPenney in our town. I’ve never found shoes that fit me there before, but I wanted to be truthful when I claimed “no sandals anywhere around here fit me.” So in I went.

Imagine my surprise when I walked out of there with not one, but THREE pair of sandals! I was giddy! I found a pair of fun silver t-strap sandals, a pair of light brown leather flip-flop type sandals, and a dressier pair of white leather Clark sandals. All three for less than the price of a pair of AAA sandals from a high-end store or catalog!

If only my impromptu shopping trip hadn’t happened because my laptop power cord died. Sigh.

2 comments on “Shoe Shopping

  1. I love that I have so many friends rooting for me.

    And I’m thinking a new dress AND new shoes are in order for September no matter the outcome. (This is assuming I make it to the conference, although that possiblity is looking better and better!)

  2. I think those silver strappy sandals will be perfect for the awards banquet in Minneapolis when you walk across the stage to accept your award 🙂

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