Short on Shorts

Ah, summertime.

Ok, so the first week of summer has been way too busy, but still. It’s here. And one of the necessities of summertime is . . . shorts.

My boys (15 and 13) informed me they had 1 pair of shorts each. I made them accompany me to the local department store to buy 2 more pair each. They groaned. Some things never change.

Now these are two lanky creatures, so we’re still shopping in the boys department in order that their shorts don’t fall down around their ankles. Still, I thought we’d have upped the sizes from the past couple of years. After all, their pants sizes have changed as their legs have stretched longer.

Not so with the shorts. Still well below moving up into young mens’ sizes. But the most frustrating thing about this rite of summer was leaving the store with four pairs of shorts ALL THE SAME SIZE! My boys are 19 months apart in age, but I might as well be buying for twins! The good news: they have plenty of shorts to choose from now. The bad news: there will be no “passing down” of outgrown sizes.

4 comments on “Short on Shorts

  1. I know how you feel. Colton went to Florida and when he returned just 5 days later, he was as tall as me!! Nothing fits. With four sons and a husband that hate to shop, I have always done what Carla did, buy in bulk and return what didn’t fit. Happy shopping!

  2. I just wish we had more options for daughters than to wear boy-type shorts. All of the girls’ shorts–that aren’t capris–are micro short.

    Of course I didn’t think that when I was wearing them . . . a few decades ago!

  3. Eek! Shopping with boys. One of my worst nightmares. I used to buy armloads of clothes, take them home, and then return the ones that didn’t fit or the boys thought were too geeky. With four boys, it was just easier.
    They’re all decent shoppers now, and . . . Hooray! they have wives who can help them pick out their wardrobe.
    Have a wonderful summer!

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