Spring Frenzy

March has come in like a lion—in more ways than one at our house! Not only did we get a windy, cold weekend, but our schedule, always busy, seems to have been bumped up a notch as well. I’m not sure why this happens, but it happens every spring. 

Maybe it is having two children’s birthdays in the spring, just 10 days apart and both usually near Easter. Maybe it is the “culmination” of so many school things into a ceremony or program or event that I must attend or get my children ready to attend. Maybe it’s that baseball games seem to last so much longer (each individual game and the season as a whole) than the other sports, and track meets are all day events, even though there are very few. Maybe it’s just that I get antsy for school to be out so the schedule will slow down! 

Although I’m unsure why it happens, the frenzy of spring around here is as certain as white flowers blooming on Bradford Pear trees and green grass popping up in the yard. Unfortunately, I’m starting to see both!



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  1. I remember being on the treadmill of spring with kids and their activities. With 4 boys, I had to make a detailed calendar to keep track of where everyone was. Even though baseball is a long season, it was also my favorite. Long, cool evenings under the lights and the smell of sweaty bodies. I miss those days.

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