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Until my computer died in early December, I’d been using a nifty little browser add on to help limit my roaming the internet when I was supposed to be working. When I got the new computer set up, it was the holidays, things were a little looser. So as I slowly built back up all my programs and bookmarks and such on my computer, I let that one go.

It wasn’t until last week that I realized I’d fallen right back into the “wasting time on the internet” trap. I mean, I think of myself as a pretty disciplined person. I could put the internet and its social media sites in their proper place.

Or could I?


Evidently I couldn’t. So once again I have added my little StayFocused button on the top of my browser. (If you use the Google Chrome browser, click the image to see the app in the Chrome Web Store.) It monitors my time on social media sites and even on the sites I click to from those sites. And once it hits thirty minutes (my preset time limit) between the hours of 9am and 5pm (my specifications), it blocks those sites. It’s amazing how just having that button there changes my habits. It isn’t even as if I ever get blocked! It seems that its mere presence gives me the restraint I need each day to stay focused.

What little gadgets or tricks help you to stay on task?

4 comments on “Stay Focused

  1. I give myself a time limit and I have certain times that I devote to social networking and writing. I know I might be limiting myself as far as reaching certain readers at certain times, but I’ll play around with adjusting and varying my times when that beautiful published day comes. 😉
    ~ Wendy

    • Good for you for sticking to a time limit, Wendy! I kept finding I cheated, which is why this little app is so good for me–I can’t change the settings for that day. They are locked. And actually, sticking with those limits will be more important when you are published. It’s amazing how much we tend to crave confirmation rather than just continuing forward in obedience to our call. At least, that’s what I’ve found for me. 🙂

    • It really helps me! I basically give myself 15 minutes at lunch and then 15 minutes to literally pop in and out during the rest of the day. It’s amazing how I can stick to that when that little button is up there! 🙂

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