Summer of Chaos Comes to a Close

Way back at the beginning of this year, I knew this summer would be chaos. I just didn’t realize until March how chaotic it would truly be! I don’t even want to know how many boxes I’ve packed and moved. How many miles I’ve driven. (I’m talking actually driven, not been the passenger!) How much I’ve sweated.  I’ve sorted and cleaned and put away and organized. And on the days I thought I couldn’t go on, I’d look at my calendar and note that there would be an end date to all this upheaval.

That end date arrived on Monday. Sunday night, to be technical, but I didn’t really feel the effects until I woke up on Monday. All my grown up kids are moved into their places of residence and settling in. Our house is packed up with just a few things to move to storage once it sells. And the majority of our things are in our new apartment. (Winter clothing is about all that’s left to transport.) After 4 1/2 months of moving one car load at a time, I finally feel like I can settle in, knowing I will be here more often that not. I can get to know my new surroundings. And, Lord willing, I will write. Which its own type of chaos, but one I willingly embrace.