Summer Whine

I can’t think of anything to write.

My daughter leaves for Ghana in 3 days—and works every day until then.

Two of our cars need to go to the shop for inspections and repairs.

My novel is sooooo close to being finished, but chunks of writing time elude me.

I need to call insurance companies with questions about my coverage/policies.

Most of my closets and cabinets are begging to be cleaned out and reorganized.

And I’m fighting either a cold or allergies.

The bank. The grocery store. Laundry.

Summer is supposed to be fun and relaxing. I’m supposed to have time to write, too. And that begins when?

1 comment on “Summer Whine

  1. I hear you. Although I don’t have kids at home, I know the feeling of being overwhelmed with “life” stuff. Being stuck at 42k on my WIP for two weeks drove me mad. I cleaned because we had company coming, went to the dr. because I was sick, did laundry because we had no clothes to wear. Now, this week, miraculously everything is behind me, and I have the rest of the week to write. 1500 words today. Not great, but at least I’m past 42,000.
    I’m anxious to hear about your book. Is this the Genesis finalist?

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