Do you enjoy surprises? I confess, I do. So when my youngest sister texted last Monday that she wanted to surprise our mom on her birthday, I was in.

My sisters and I pulled off a surprise for our mother's 71st birthday!

A little backstory: My youngest sister, her husband and their three boys live in Northern Iraq. Their original goal there was to serve the Kurdish widows and orphans, but after they got their community center built and up and running, their small town experienced an influx of refugees on the run from ISIS. Now they have several small refuge camps set up on their site and are ministering to them. (Read a little more about them here or watch a video here.)

In July, they arrived back in the states for a few month of furlough and fundraising, but they have settled for those months near my sister’s mother-in-law, who is battling cancer. None of us had seen her since they’d arrived back on American soil, though my brother-in-law had been in town twice already for a couple of meetings. Then my sister realized she had a free weekend on Mom’s birthday–and the rest of us here had already planned a family get-together for the occasion. So with a little planning we, along with our other sister here in town, surprised our mom on her birthday. I think it might be the most surprised she’s ever been in her life! Enjoy the video. It was such fun!