The Accidental Traveler

I’m not a very good traveler. I get super stressed over the packing, the flights, the drives. If there is turbulence, heaven help my seatmate-even if it is my hubby, who knows to expects me to squeeze his hand more tightly than when I was in labor with our children! I have learned to deal with the different states of hotels and their amenities, but i’m definitely more relaxed the higher the quality and service. I thought I would get better at traveling, given that we’ve done so much of it in the past couple of years. But maybe I will never get good at it. And perhaps that it due to the accidental nature of it all.

I was never one of those people who desired a traveling lifestye. Don’t get me wrong: there were places i wanted to go. There are still places I want to see. But my goal has never been to be a traveler. I like home. I like routine. And the truth is that there are many places I have visited that I would have enjoyed just as much (or more!) by sitting at home and reading about them!

Of course, the traveling we do isn’t really the “fun” kind. Hubby usually has meetings or speeches to give on top of his usual work and phone calls. Often we hit a new-to-us city and see only the airport and our hotel, along with a restaurant or two. (And the Starbucks. Always the Starbucks.) Or we end up with a quick 3 hours to “do” the town before we head home. Not the stuff of leisure or enjoyement. And even when we do book in an extra day or two to explore a new place, hours are often swallowed by work issues that hubby must address. (The joy of connectivity!)

But I am learning. I’m learning to leave the hotel on my own, to search out something new and different, even if it is just a place where I can write or read, watch people, and drink in the vibe of the city. And some of the places we frequent are beginning to feel more familiar and relaxing. Still, this accidental traveler sometimes find herself sitting in an airport wondering how she got there and when she’ll get to go home again.