The Giddiness of Beginning

I stand at the precipice of another book. Each one is a bit different than the last. I look out on a new landscape, fresh to my eye, eager for it to capture my imagination. I’m not ready to start writing. Not yet. The giddiness of the beginning for me starts with the blank slate, waiting to be filled. Ok, so I have a short synopsis that I pitched oh so many months ago, but it is so far removed from me now that looking at it is like seeing the idea again for the first time.

To fill my blank pages with characters and story requires both research time and thinking time, the kind of work that is hard to quantify but so necessary to the finished product. I get to let my mind play, explore the possibilities, see what I can find as I dig. And that is why I’m excited. You never know what will emerge.

8 comments on “The Giddiness of Beginning

    • Thanks, Jana! It’s even more fun to figure these things out now that I know some of those who will eventually read what I write! 🙂

    • How fun! I absolutely love old photographs for inspiration! I know some writers have an idea of what their character looks like from modern day celebrities, but I always think of my characters as everyday people and I like to see them as they would have looked in that time period. Thanks for the link! I can’t wait to poke around there!

  1. I know exactly what you mean. The lure of a new story is intoxicating. I’m in the random floating idea stage right now – not even a synopsis. Part of me wants to dig in, grab the character and plotting charts. Another part wants the story to woo me a bit longer. Happy writing!

    • That makes me so excited, Carla, because I love the stories your mind comes up with! And I love that you and I travel these stages somewhat together! 🙂

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