The Grocery Store Dilemma

I get lulled into complacency in the summer time. When I do my big monthly grocery shopping trip (stocking up on staples such as bread, cereal, and toiletries) I bring home bags piled high in the back of my car and then watch as they disappear up the stairs and into my kitchen. Sometimes I even have help unpacking the bags and putting the groceries away.

But once school starts I live with the inevitable dilemma: do I shop with the crowds on the weekends, when my kids are home to help unload, or do I shop in peace but carry all the bags myself. Every time I try one way, I swear the other is better. Today I shopped in peace, checked out in a reasonable amount of time, and then ended up making about ten trips up and down the stairs to the garage, arms sagging with bags. To top it off, I’ve had a nasty cold, so the effort quite wore me out! Then, after all that, I still had to unload the bags that now covered my kitchen table and the majority of my countertops.

I guess I should be grateful for the extra exercise, but I imagine the chocolate I ate to console myself canceled out any benefit from climbing the stairs. Oh, well. I guess it’s back to fighting the crowds. At least for next month.

3 comments on “The Grocery Store Dilemma

  1. Thanks for commiserating, Carla. And I’d forgotten about holiday crowds. You’re right. It won’t matter when I go. And yes, I need to take some vitamin C! I can’t be sick!

  2. I hear you! I know how many “bags” you have to lug in when you have a growing family. Wears me out to think about it. From now until the dead of winter, there will be holiday crowds, so I’d say go when you’ve got help on the home front. And take some vitamin C for that cold 🙂

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