The Hassles of Modernity

Nothing is easy anymore. Last week, I spent time on the phone and in the car trying to get my husband’s cell phone (w/pda) fixed or replaced. Since we pay for the full insurance every month, you’d think this would have been a simple matter.


I had to travel to the store designated for repairs (now 20 minutes away), only to be told I had to call a number and arrange for the replacement, only to be told I could have just been given a new phone at the store. I called the store back only to be told the people on the phone had given me the wrong information, so I should call them again. We finally got a new phone after three hours of hassle and a day in the mail.

Then we went to a hotel for the weekend. My husband had meetings there. I was going to write. I tried to hook up to the hotel internet to no avail. I followed the directions on the desk in the room, then I called the help number on those directions only to be told that they didn’t service that hotel any more. I finally got the new help number from the front desk and called again. This time I was told I needed a wireless bridge. I didn’t sound right, given that my laptop has a wireless card, but the woman insisted. So back to the front desk we went, only to be told they had no idea what a wireless bridge was. Back to the room, back on the phone. Someone finally figured out that my LAN setting was too fast for the connection after a frustrating hour. (I will say that the girl at the front desk felt so bad for all the trouble that she left me a snack basket in the room. That kind of customer service is all too rare these days.)

So today I call my new insurance company. My husband formed a new partnership as of June 1, thus the change. I have two mail order prescriptions and I need to get them changed over to the new mail order company. After fifteen minutes of automated voices asking me why I was calling, I got a real person only to be told they won’t transfer the prescriptions, they have to receive them new, which means I have to call and hassle each doctor’s office (my gp and my ophthalmologist) and make sure they fax in the newly written prescriptions. If they tell me I have to come to an office visit to get them, I think I’ll scream.

6 comments on “The Hassles of Modernity

  1. If one woman screams in a technological jungle, does anyone hear it?

    No matter, I think you might consider the scream option. 🙂

  2. Oh no! Reading these three stories just stressed me out–in a good way. I think you have much more patience than I do.

    The gift basket was a nice touch.

  3. Ha! I thought of that too, Rachelle! I guess I don’t have much patience in anything, do I? Oh, well. I’m sure I’ll get more practice at that every day I live on this earth.

    But yes, a little human kindness would help.

  4. This is very funny coming on the heels of your last post titled, “Patience.”

    Yes, I agree, sometimes this technological world, for all its advantages, can drive us crazy. Oh, for a little human kindness.

  5. Thanks, Richard! Such incidents have become part of our everyday experiences, I know. I just wish they wouldn’t all come one on top of the other!

  6. D’Ann,
    It doesn’t help, I’m sure, but there are a lot of us out here thinking, “Been there, done that, got the T-shirt…and it doesn’t fit.”
    I’ve recently begun choosing vendors of various types based solely on whether a real person answers the phone, or if I get “Please listen carefully, as our options have changed….”
    Have a good (and uncomplicated) weekend.

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