The Holidays Are Coming!

Does the mere title of this post send your nerves into a frenzy? It does mine! It’s already November 2 and I’m not prepared. Not for Thanksgiving or Christmas, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. But they will come. And soon.

So what’s a girl to do? Write a holiday devotional, of course!

Actually, this was my dear friend and critique partner Leslie Wilson’s idea. We collaborated on a holiday devotional, currently available on kindle. One Thousand Gift Receipts: A Holi-Devo is a 47 day devotional that starts on November 15 and runs through January 2. But this devotional is more than a scripture, a few thoughts and a prayer to help you focus on the reasons we celebrate. Each devotional entry also includes practical tips for helping you to stay sane through the holiday season. You can’t beat that! Ripped from the headlines of our own families, the stories and tips are sometimes humorous, sometimes poignit. We hope you can see yourself and your family in each one.

Click here to read the first few devotionals and see what you think. I know I’ll be reading along myself this year because I don’t want to just survive the holiday season. I want to worship my God and exude His grace and love to those around me, too.