The Most Dangerous Song on My Phone

Yes, I’m one of “those” drivers. When I’m alone, I stave off the stress of traffic by cranking up the music and singing loud. Most of the time it’s a harmless past time, helping me navigate the other cars and keep my own insecurities at bay. Unless my playlist or shuffle ends up on one particular song: The Stand.

Then my heart swells. My hands itch to raise to the heavens. My foot tends to press the accelerator closer to the floor even as my vision blurs through tears that either sit in my eyes or course down my cheeks. I can’t help it. It happens every single time I hear the song. It is the most dangerous song on my phone. See if you don’t agree:

Do you ever have your own private worship service in the car? Are there any songs that when they come on make you a dangerous driver?

9 comments on “The Most Dangerous Song on My Phone

  1. I haven’t heard that song. But thank you so much for sharing it. Right now the Lord has me drawn to songs that Worship and Praise him and more reverently. I usually listen to Contemporary Christian upbeat music. We are going through a “trusting” time with God. Its been very stressful, especially for my husband, he is a faithful, loyal, hard working Accounting Director for a long time at the church he is employed. The past three years many changes there, pay cuts, drastic reduction in health insurance, changes in general. Now more talks of more cuts. So, I find myself and so does my husband completely Trusting our God and Worshiping and just Loving on Him. This song was timely, and I believe from God!

    • Oh, Deborah! I’m so glad that song ministered to you! To be honest, I felt kind of silly posting it but I guess that just shows that God is in those nudgings no matter how silly they seem. I’m so sorry y’all are having a hard time. Those “trusting” times are not easy but the Lord is faithful. I will be praying for provision and wisdom and grace for your situation!

  2. I don’t have an Hillsong CD’s but my favorite Worship CS is Revival in Belfast by Robin Mark. It would be hard to pick a favorite from that one, as Revival and The Days of Elijah would be battling for that spot.

    Which Hillsong CD would you recommend?

    • I’m not sure which CD to tell you, Marie! I usually just buy individual songs I like. I’d probably like Revival in Belfast, too. Robin Mark is a good worship leader.

    • Ok, Melissa, I’m off to youtube to listen to Victors Crown! (Not sure why I don’t know that one!) 🙂

  3. oh my gosh. I actually haven’t heard this song before. How did that happen?
    Amazing lyrics!

    I get into trouble with the ones I want to dance to. And the ones that just make me cry -but that one changes by the week depending on what my soul needs!

    Hi Anne! I miss you. Hoping to go to ACFW this year. And I owe you a book review LOVED AT EVERY TURN!!

    • I know what you mean about the ones that make you want to dance, Deb! I get in trouble with those, too!

      Thank you for your kind words abou At Every Turn! I so love hearing that people enjoyed Alyce and her story. I, too, am hoping to come to ACFW, but we’ll see. 3 in college this semester, so it’s rough, but I’d so love to hug your sweet neck if you are able to go too!

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