The Muir House by Mary DeMuth

Instead of the normal “this is why I liked this book,” I thought you might enjoy a glimpse into the creative process with my friend, Mary DeMuth. I sat down and talked with her about the unique setting she close for her latest novel, The Muir House.
Thanks for spending some time with us, Mary! All your previous novels have been set in fictional towns. Why use a real location this time—and why use the town you live in?
I adore Rockwall. It’s my home. In a few months, it will be the longest place I’ve ever lived. Writing this book was my tribute to it.
What particular challenges did you face in using a real town vs. a fictional one?
Well, I worried that I might make folks mad. I think I wrote something about the police ticketing folks (We have a lot of police here.), so I worry a police officer will read the book and then be angry!
What was your favorite hometown detail that made it into the book?
The restaurants. I adore them! So it blessed me to be able to highlight them.
How did you decide what places to mention and which ones to leave out?
Totally personal preference. I didn’t want the book to read like a Rockwall brochure, so I didn’t include everything. So if you’re from Rockwall and your business has been left out, please don’t be angry with me! 🙂
Did anything in Rockwall help or hinder your initial ideas for Willa’s story?
It’s a pretty contained town with a lake providing a huge boundary. I think folks here in Rockwall feel that boundary in particular, so leaving past the lake seems like a huge excursion. I tried to capture that boundary in the book.
Now that you’ve set Willa in Rockwall, do you ever think you’ll run into her in Target?
Yes, in fact I’m going there right now.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this small glimpse into The Muir House and its creator. Below you can find the book trailer for the story. After that, read it for yourself and see how Willa Muir and Rockwall flow into a seamless story.