The National World War II Museum

We went to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans last weekend. We’d been years ago, when it was new and was called the D-Day Museum. But let me tell you—this is one fabulous place! It’s very interactive and gives a great “big picture” view of WWII. Honestly, by the time we hit the part of the museum about the Pacific Theatre, we were about beat! I’d have liked to do that whole part on a second day.
The movie, Beyond All Boundaries, was an incredibly moving experience. I had to fight to hold back tears as with pictures and video and audio clips we relived the war, from Pearl Harbor to V-J Day. I learned things I didn’t know and was able to understand some parts of the war I hadn’t seen clearly in just learning through lectures and readings in history class.
But I think my favorite part was the personal stories scattered throughout, memories of veterans pertaining to that specific exhibit. It brought it all home, made it real. We sat and listened to (sometimes there were clips to watch) every single one of those personal accounts. They were amusing and sobering. They were enlightening. They made me wish I had asked questions and listened to stories from the older generations.
Even though I don’t write stories set in the WWII era, it is a time that still fascinates me, both the war and the home front. If you ever get a chance to visit this museum—do! You won’t be sorry.