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Many people I know listen to podcasts. Including my husband. But I’ve been slow to jump on board. Maybe it’s because listening alone is not my best learning mode. (I’ve had a hard time with audio books.) Maybe it’s because I haven’t found a person/topic that compels me to listen. Whatever the reason, everything changed when my friend Laura McClellan began podcasting late last year.

LauraI met Laura several yeas ago through our local writer’s group. She is an amazing woman. Laura and her husband married and started a family at a young age. She homeschooled her five children and taught childbirth education classes until returning to college and then tackling law school. Laura is currently a partner in the real estate section of a large law firm, but in her “spare time” she writes and podcasts.

I’ve long thought I could learn a few thThe Productive Woman podcastings from this woman who has juggled many roles and been successful at them. So when she launched her podcast, The Productive Woman, I was all in! In fact, I replaced my Saturday morning elliptical reading time with Saturday morning elliptical listen to The Productive Woman time. And I haven’t been disappointed!

Whether you are a busy mom or an on-the-go professional or both, you will appreciate Laura’s practical approach to productivity. She speaks from experience and with authenticity that is refreshing. Her topics and tips are just right for the real-world woman. The thirty minutes I spend listening each week encourages me to both stay on task and to evaluate the ways in which I work to get things done.

Start with the most current topic or go back and listen to some of the past episodes and join the conversation on The Productive Woman’s Facebook page. You can find all the information and links you need at: Or better yet, go to itunes and subscribe right now!


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  2. Anne. I don’t even know what to say. Your kind words made me cry . . . and encouraged me more than you know. Thank you for your support. I think you’re pretty amazing yourself!


    • Thank YOU, Laura, for sharing yourself and your wisdom with us through your podcast! I may not respond where you can see, but every episode encourages me in some way!

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