The Spring Training Trip

My husband has talked about this trip since I met him. He’d been to spring training in Florida once as a teenager, with his dad, but it just never worked out to take our kids. So many other plans interfered during spring break, not to mention the money and expense of taking a family of five. Then our youngest son started dreaming about it with him and during hisย junior year of high school, we started talking about taking a trip to celebrate his senior year. We’d taken a fun family vacation during each of the other two kids’ senior years, but for him, the youngest, no one had the same breaks. So it became the perfect moment for the spring training trip.

Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy baseball. I mean, I grew up with the Texas Rangers, sitting in the bleachers seats on sweltering summer nights as a kid, listening to the games on the radio as in my dark room. I was even a card-carrying member of Jim Sundberg’s Junior Rangers. We went on bat night and ball night and hat night and any other giveaway night. After we married, when our kids were young, my husband bought a share in a season ticket group at his work and games were our date nights in the spring, summer, and even once or twice in the fall! But even with that history, I’m not the fan my husband and son are. Still, I tagged along, wanting time with them and thinking a few baseball games would be okay, too.

But I never imagined I’d attend five games in six days! Granted, they were all Texas Rangers games, so that helped. But still. I found myself nearly weeping with relief on my day “off.” Of course hubby and son weren’t content with that schedule. The two of them watched eight games in six days, traversing the Phoenix area to take in even teams they didn’t particularly follow. They loved being close to the field, watching practices, eating ball park food, and getting autographs. But I think most of all they just enjoyed sitting together watching the games. And I guess that’s what it was all about.


Is there a trip you took with your parents that still sticks in your memory? One with your kids?

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  1. Love hearing about your trip, Anne! I chuckled when you said you nearly cried with relief on your day off, lol;) The pictures are wonderful – everyone looks happy and the weather looks great, too. But am very glad you’re back among us!

    • Oh, one vacation or holiday that stays with me is when I was about 9 or 10 and we went from Kentucky to the Maine woods and stayed a lovely historic lodge and had a tea on the grounds. I ate popovers for the first time and loved them:) They’re definitely a northeastern treat with jam and butter. I wish I could do that all over again…

      • I’m glad to be back, too! And what a great vacation memory you shared. A historic lodge sounds right up our alley and we’ve never been to any of those states north of Massachusetts. That might have to go on my travel wish list. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten a popover, either. Thanks for stopping by. Your presence is always a treat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. We didn’t take many family trips, unfortunately, and even more unfortunately I seem to have perpetuated that pattern. We did a few skiing trips however in Vermont, and other than that I was mostly shipped away during some of the summers! LOL
    I remember the one summer of being 12/13 and I flew from NY to Indiana and then drove down to TX with cousins. Stayed in TX with Grandma, and that was a lot of fun, probably one of the best summers ever. Times gone by, people gone by… and I love it that I moved to TX from NY!

    Somehow I knew that TX would eventually be my home, from the several trips I made to it. The Land of the Big Sky, the southern drawl, people seemed to be so much nicer down in Texas than in NY (that was my perception, though times may have changed).

    So, to end this little story, it would be safe to say that the trips to TX as a child pretty much shaped my life and what I would later become: A Texas Gal!

    • That’s a great summer memory, Marie! And of course you got to Texas as soon as you could. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Even short trips with the family can make lots of memories, and in Texas short trips–even fun day trips–are all around. I hope you can take advantage of that one day with your own kids!

    • What a lovely memory, Wendy, especially since I remember reading that you have other sisters. This was our first and only trip with just one child. It was kind of odd in that sense but nice, too, to get to focus on just him. I’m sure that’s much of what makes your memories of that trip so wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚

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