The Susans

I’ve read a lot of books over the past couple of months. Two were standouts. Both authored by women named Susan. Both of whom I met at ACFW this year.

Susan Meissner’s A Seahorse in the Thames was a lovely read. Its characters enthralled me with their depth and vulnerability. She drew me in from the first scene and never let go. I met Susan briefly at ACFW and she seemed to be as lovely a person as her words suggest. I’m looking forward to tracking down some of her other work.

Susan May Warren’s Sands of Time convinced me that I could like romantic suspense. It sat on the bottom of the stack of books I brought home from ACFW, and after reading several not so inspiring books, I reached for Sands of Time as I ran out the door for a road trip—not expecting much, especially the time to read it. But we hit traffic. And I’m so glad we did! Susan’s book was suspenseful and insightful. It gripped and held me. And I didn’t find myself editing it in my head! What a joy! I sat next to Susan at the awards banquet at ACFW. Delightful woman. Funny, kind, inspiring. The kind of person who could be a friend. I will definitely find more of her stories to cuddle up with this winter.

So do yourself a favor—consider trying a book by a Susan. Meissner or May Warren. Either will be a treat to remember.