Times Square, Here We Come!

It took me 33 years to get to New York City the first time. It was a great trip with my husband—one of the best at that point in our marriage—but I was still in a bad place in my spirit, still seeking the peace that had eluded me since our first baby had made her way into the world nine years earlier.

We returned this past February to celebrate my fortieth birthday. Our dream trip in so many ways. One to remember for a lifetime.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we’d be going back just a scant six months later!

Yes, we are off to the city that never sleeps once again, this time with 16-year-old daughter in tow. My husband has business to do in the city, so while he works, she and I will explore not only the city, but visit the Culinary Institute of America, 2 hours north. Yikes! Our first college visit! I don’t even know what questions to ask at culinary school!

So it will be an adventure of a very different sort this time around. I’m excited to experience New York again with my daughter, for I know our time together is short. Two years from now she’ll be at a college (or culinary school), all on her own. It won’t ever be quite the same after that. Not that I’m bemoaning her leaving. I love my kids, but I’ve always looked forward to having some of my time back in order to chase my own dreams. But I’m learning to cherish these moments, for they are fleeting.

We fly out Saturday morning and return Wednesday afternoon, so if you think of us, please pray our time together will be special.

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  1. Hi, D’Ann! Our mutual friend Mary DeMuth sent me to check out your blog. If we don’t meet before, I think we will meet on Friday night, Sept. 21, during a dinner in Dallas…I am looking forward to it!!

    I am NOT Doug. I am Katy McKenna, who doesn’t know how to change the settings…. 🙂


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