Tis the Season

The tree is up, the lights are on. It even turned cold outside—finally.

This is the week of Christmas frenzy before things settle a little into what I hope will be a fun, yet restful, family Christmas. I realize we haven’t many left like this. This year and next, then my daughter will be in college and I know how quickly things can change! My first Christmas after high school, I had a serious boyfriend. By the second Christmas in college, he was my fiancé. By the third Christmas, I was married. So I take nothing for granted.

So this week I will help host a table of fellow writers at the Friends of the Library luncheon here in town, spend an evening with the lawyers and spouses from my husband’s new firm at the Christmas party, watch my niece perform the lead in a Christmas musical at school, travel to my son’s basketball game, get my two high schoolers and my husband off on a mission trip to the Texas-Mexico border, and drive kids from our school to two days of local mission opportunities.

From there, my calendar is blessedly empty—except for the orthodontist appointment where both my boys will get their braces! We plan to bake and watch Christmas movies and play games and look at Christmas lights. And I intend to cherish every minute of it.

2 comments on “Tis the Season

  1. You are absolutely right! These days will be gone before you know it. Take heart–all is not lost. Your children will marry people you will come to love and produce little tiny people that weave their way into your heart in ways you cannot imagine. Grandchildren are fabulous–you get all the benefits of children without the responsibility! I miss the sporting events–they were great. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. I love the idea of baking and watching Christmas movies. Unfortunately, with my troupe, all we watch is basketball and football! Um, ‘scuse me, there’s a girl in the house too 😉

    It’s nice to connect with another high school basketball mom!


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