Too Many Books, Too Little Cash!

The more writers I know that get published, the more books that end up on my “to buy” list. I always have good intentions of buying my friends’ books the week they are released, but, alas, that rarely ever happens. Things like field trips and school dances and new shoes (for the kids, not me) interfere.
Seven books make up my current list. Of those, two I have already read (either a borrowed copy or a pre-release version) and want to own them for myself. Four are debut novels by authors I’ve known since they were pre-published. And two are new books by well-known Christian authors. So here’s the list of titles. Can you guess which ones fall into which of my categories? (Hint: one overlaps into two categories!) 
The Help
Her Mother’s Hope
The Pastor’s Wife
Code Blue
Crossing Oceans
Here Burns My Candle
I’ll tell on Thursday. And I do have a bookstore gift card to spend, I just have to figure out which ones to spend it on!

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  1. Well, since I kind of have some insider info, it's probably not entirely fair that I comment. But I know you borrowed The Help from Mary DeMuth–right after I did.

    Fantastic read. Compelling, well-written, one of my favorites in the past couple of years.

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