Trying to Make a Good Thing

I thought this book, which will be my third published novel, would go much like the last two. Write a draft, do a couple of extensive revisions in light of my critique partners’ and my editor’s comments, then mark it done. 

Think again.

After slogging through draft number one in November and December, I knew the story had major issues in structure. I still liked the characters. And I could tell the story was in there somewhere, fighting to be set free. But no matter how hard I looked at it, I couldn’t see how to fix it. 

I read books on story structure. Made notes. Looked at my story through new grids. And finally— after asking for and receiving some brainstorming help— things took a turn. I had a plan for the story. The characters became more focused, their journeys more definite. I can’t believe how excited I am now to tell their story— now that I can see it. 

For the next six weeks I’ll hunker down and write, praying that when I look up again I’ll have something decent from which to start those two more extensive revisions before marking the story done. Of course you won’t see the result until, Lord willing, the fall of 2013. But good things come to those who wait. At least I’m trying my best to make it a good thing!