Two Awesome Reads

One contemporary romance, one historical romance.

Two authors who never disappoint.

I literally read back and forth, one chapter from each book, because I couldn’t stand not reading either one of them!

The Mistress of Tall AcreThe Mistress of Tall Acre by Laura Frantz

Set in the years just after the Revolutionary War, this romance involves a marriage of convenience. Or at least that’s what both parties tell themselves the relationship is. But as the vise of circumstances squeezes more tightly around them, Sophie and Seamus discover that love is the most important thing of all. Fabulous writing (as usual!) sets the reader firmly in another era.

The Wonder of YouThe Wonder of You by Susan May Warren

Number five of the Christiansen family series focuses on the youngest sibling, Amelia, and her choice between hometown hero Seth and exotic European Roark. But as with all of Susie’s books, there is so much more at play here than romance–there are spiritual truths that each character must grapple with before their relationships can more forward. I feel like the Christiansen family are my friends after so many books.

Those are my two latest awesome reads. What are yours?