Two Quirky Stories

So I was in Wal-mart the other day and I saw the most unusual (read: creepy) tattoo. I passed behind a woman wearing a spaghetti-strap top. On her back, between her shoulder blades, were two eyes. Women’s eyes, with eyebrows and just the top of the nose. I’ve heard of wanting eyes in the back of your head, but this went a bit too far!


My husband’s father often sends us tidbits from their small-town’s newspaper. One from this week announced found property: a bag of marijuana. It said the owner, with proof of ownership, could pick it up at the police station. The thing is, someone will probably try to claim it!

2 comments on “Two Quirky Stories

  1. As for the marijuana, could it have been left by the bank robber who wrote his demand note on the back of one of his blank checks?
    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. You have an eye for ferreting out those quirky, head-scratching snippets. Loved the eye tattoo–yes, creepy! I make a coffee run every evening to QT (decaf) and my husband always asks me what’s up–there are just some strange people on our planet, and I think half of them frequent QT. Good, cheap entertainment, eh?

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