Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell

There are just some authors that make me wonder why I choose to continue writing, for their books are flawless. The characters, the settings, the plots, the very words on the page. Siri Mitchell is one of these authors for me.

Unrivaled is her newest offering. Set in 1910 St. Louis, Unrivaled delves into the world of candy manufacturing. Lucy’s father is struggling to keep his company afloat after having his first company and his best candy recipe usurped by another. When he falls ill, it’s up to Lucy to keep the dream alive. When Charlie is sent to work with his estranged father, he knows nothing of candy but he knows a lot about people and life and survival. As Lucy and Charlie’s paths cross, they both learn they are not who they think they are–or who they want to be. And both finally come to understand that to God sin is sin–and forgiveness is free for the asking.

Every part of this story flows together in seamless harmony and kept me riveted from beginning to end. But I have to give you one warning. With all the mouth-watering references to candy in the book, you might find yourself craving something sweet while you read!

8 comments on “Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell

    • It’s a good one! And thanks for the Let Them Eat Cake recommendation on your blog. I really enjoyed that one, too!

    • Ha! I didn’t think about that! But I do think you’ll love this book. Siri just keeps getting better. Looking forward to your book, too, by the way. 😉

    • I know. She’s so good. And yes, a bag of some kind of candy while you read! I think I scarfed down almost a whole pan of brownies that day!

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