Want to Join Me in a Bible Study?

So I know it’s fall and most organized Bible study groups have already had sign up days and kick offs, but I wondered: are any of you out there, like me, whose schedule doesn’t accommodate a set meeting schedule right now but you’d like to do a prescribed study? And even more, you’d like to actually discuss what you are learning with another person? I think I might have a solution for us!

This fall, I decided to do Beth Moore’s Stepping Up study on my own since I can purchase the video sessions and play them on my computer for a reasonable price. It’s a study of the Psalms of Ascent, and after watching the introduction session, I know it is exactly what the Lord has for me right now. If this sounds like something you’d like to do as well, here’s my plan: We can set up a private email group of those doing the study in order to discuss the lessons, the videos, or even just what the Lord has shown us in our study time. It will be a very flexible thing in that not everyone will finish each “week” in a week. (I know I won’t!) In fact, even though I’ve already read the intro and watched the first video, I won’t really get going again for another week and a half, so you’ll have time to at least get that far before I get something set up for us.

What do you think? Are you interested? If so, please email me by Sept. 20. (You can use the contact tab on the website or contact me through social media, whatever is easiest!) Then buy your book (regular or ebook format) and purchase your lectures (audio or video, in a package or individually as we go along–$5 cheaper in package, but you spread out the cost if you download each when you are ready to watch them.) I’ll have the email list set up by Sept. 21 and we can each work at our own pace. Once everyone involved has finished a set of lessons and a lecture, that lesson/lecture will be open for discussion. (That way everyone gets a chance to explore the study on their own first, with no spoilers from the group!)

I have wanted to try something of this sort for a while now and this feels like the right time. I really hope some of you will join me!

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    • Not at all! We are still waiting on a few to catch up on the intro lesson. I’ll send you an invite to the group right now. 🙂

  1. please sign me up. I’ve been looking for a flexible Bible Study. God Bless you. I by chance (or God) came upon your website.

    • So glad the Lord brought you here, Debbie! I’ve got you added to my list. I’ll be sending out more info soon!

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