We Love You, Miss Hannigan!

“Your daughter makes a great drunk.”

I heart that comment over and over again on Friday. No, my 16 year old hadn’t been hitting the bottle. She’d been playing Miss Hannigan, the mean and nasty mistress of the orphanage that tried to repress the optimism of red-headed Annie. She’s not the best singer in the world, but boy can she nail a character! I think she scared some of the little girls in the audience!

She’s gotten more comfortable with the singing part, too, adding dancing (which she’s never really done) for this particular role. She worked so hard and had so much fun. It’s been amazing to watch her confidence grow since her freshman year when she landed the role of Bloody Mary in South Pacific in spite of her hesitancy to sing. Now she takes the stage with the same energy and excitement we see in her on the basketball court.

She has no theatrical aspirations beyond high school, but what she has learned from her years in drama will be invaluable in whatever her future holds. And we’ve had so much fun watching her transformation!

2 comments on “We Love You, Miss Hannigan!

  1. Your daughter is darling! What great experience for her to perform for an audience. It will reap benefits for her entire life. I wasn’t very confident at her age, but tried out for my junior play–poured my heart into it–why not? What did I have to lose? I ended up with the leading role–an eighty-something year old woman, but I had a blast. Since then, standing on a stage doesn’t frighten me.
    You must be so proud! Love the boa around her neck.

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