What’s in a Name?

I love my name. I really do. I love the uniqueness of the apostrophe and the capital A. I love that it forms a contraction of my parents’ names: Don and Ann.
But what I love, computers hate. Databases scoff. Website and email addresses distain. It’s been a struggle since college, really. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been mistakenly called “Dan” from computer printouts. Or “D”, as in the initial. I get mail addressed to all sorts of interesting combinations of my name, too.
So when the possibility of publication drew near, we considered the question of my name. Would it cause a problem? The answer: most likely. So after many prayers we came to the conclusion that it was more important to be found by readers than to hold on to my uniqueness.
Very soon all my web presences (website, facebook, twitter) will become ANNE MATEER, as that is the name that will appear on my book covers. Yes, you will all still know me as D’Ann. And my D’Ann accounts on the web will still work, too. But the primary identity I’ll use as an author will be Anne Mateer.
It’s kind of strange as I think about it. But it’s kind of fun, too. It allows me put on and take off my “writer” hat. It helps shy, reluctant me to market this other persona. And it keeps me humble.
So I’m rejoicing in and get used to my new name. Look for it to pop up on the blog and other Internet meeting places in the very near future!

7 comments on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Thanks, Deb! And my short stint as you will always be one of the highlights of my writing life!

  2. I totally understand, D'Ann. And I like your new pen name. There are times I really wish I'd chosen to write under a different name. You'll like being able to go incognito, and being able to know that when someone calls asking for "Anne" it's a business call––or a deranged fan. 😉

    HUGE congrats on all your success! I'm hoping that when you're riding the wave of bestseller lists and book tours, people will remember that you once played me in a skit at a long ago conference. LOL!

  3. Thanks for all your support, my friends. I'm excited to start getting things changed over and getting used to my new name!

    And yes, Heather, what a thrill to get to be Anne with an E. But then you could always use your first and middle name when your turn comes. Then you'd get to be Anne, too!

  4. D'Ann, I love both your names, but there's something about Anne Mateer which is very genteel and quite writerly, so I think you made a wise choice.

    You brought up something I wouldn't have thought of and that is being able to promote this new person with more verve. I'm thrilled for you and can't wait to see Anne Mateer's name everywhere I turn.

  5. I feel your pain. My first name is Samantha. I use a short version of my middle name. In 4th grade there were 5 girls named Nicole, so I switched to Samantha. Then back to Nicole. Then Niki. Think back to Samantha in 9th grade. Then back to Niki. Crazy, huh? And since there's another Nikki Turner who writes um… "hot" romance, I'm probably going to have to go back to Samantha again. : )

  6. D'Ann (or should I practice calling you Anne?)–I understand your dilemma. A unique name or one that people can remember. When I got my contract, I considered a different name, but Tom Clancy was already taken.
    Good luck in your publishing journey, whatever name appears on the book. After all, so long as the royalty checks clear the bank, makes no difference to whom they're made out.

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