When Life Saps Creativity

It’s been a rough few months at our house. And honestly, I feel bad even saying that. We haven’t faced any truly life and death issues, and yet in so many areas my world has been upended. I still feel as if I am tumbling about, waiting to come to rest and see where, exactly I’ve ended up and what comes next.

The most frustrating part about this current state of my life is that the tumbling and uncertainty has sapped all my creativity. I can’t seem to find my time machine to transport me to other eras to find stories that refuse to remain untold. Or contemplate cleaning out a closet. (Yes, that is a form of creativity for us organizational types!) Or try a new recipe or embark on a home improvement project or even buy a new outfit. It isn’t as if i don’t have time to devote to these creative endeavors. If anything, I have an overabundance of time on my hands. But I can’t seem to settle into any project that requires thought beyond the basics, can’t seem to find direction or passion.

I say all that today not to garner your sympathy–like I said, no life and death issues here (though I always covet your prayers!)–but to explain why things have been and might continue to be a bit sparse around the blog, content-wise. I appreciate your patience as I wade through the murkiness in search of an original thought again. Don’t get me wrong–I’ll still be here with my regular posts. They just might be a little less personal than usual. In the meantime, I pray that you, my dear readers, have wonderfully colorful and creative days as we turn our faces toward the warmth of spring.


4 comments on “When Life Saps Creativity

    • Thanks, Marie. It’s just one of those times when it seems every single area of my life is in upheaval! I’m sure a couple of them will resolve soon, which will help. Miss our lunches! Maybe this summer?

  1. I really appreciate your honesty in this post. I have a real tendency to barrel through dry spells and try to force creativity and convince myself I’m not really tapped out. But sometimes…we just plain ARE tapped out. (Which, incidentally, I think I might be at the moment. Which is why I’m so relieved to have a mini-vacay coming up later this week.) And I think sometimes it’s better to face that…because that’s when we can get honest with God and vulnerable with others and ask for help and inspiration and renewed creativity. Whereas if we’re living in denial, we tend to keep attempting to barrel forward on our own. Or at least, that’s my experience! 🙂

    But I’m sorry you’re feeling sapped…and that you’ve had a rough few months. That’s no fun at all. Praying the season comes to a close soon and that you experience a creative refueling that gets you excited and full of vision for moving forward!

    • Thanks, Melissa, for your sympathy and prayers. When I read your post on exhaustion the other day, I was too exhausted to comment! 🙂 Thankfully, we are getting a mini vacay at the end of this week, too, so I’m hoping that will help some! Hang in there, my friend!

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