Whisper on the Wind by Maureen Lang

I remember back when Bodie Thoene’s Vienna Prelude came out. I’d never read anything quite like it. It had romance and adventure, action and intrigue all on the epic stage of World War II. I devoured all her subsequent books, loving every one. Since then, I’ve read many good books, but none in quite that same vein.

Until now.
If you read my blog regularly, you might remember my review of Look to the East by Maureen Lang a few months ago. Well the second book is here (or almost here!). And it is a doozy!
Whisper on the Wind is set in Belgium in World War I. Isa Lassone has smuggled herself back in to German-occupied Brussels while other people are desperate to get out! In her quest to rescue the man she loves and his family, she finds herself instead entangled in the underground resistance newspaper. Suddenly there is more at stake than just her heart!
As with the Thoene books I love, Marueen Lang has found a balance of romance and adventure that is sure to thrill almost any reader. And in a period of history often forgotten. 

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