Why I Blog

As I do at the end/beginning of every year, I took stock of all the things on my plate for 2015, trying to decide what I needed to continue, what I needed to let go. As I considered what I enjoyed and what was profitable (in terms of time, energy and money, but also in terms of spiritual value), I wondered if I should let go of blogging. After all, I’ve published over 1500 posts in the past 10 years. Haven’t I said enough? And who reads those words anyway?

And so I decided I could quit blogging.

And then I undecided it.

You see, you are why I blog.

I discovered that I enjoy talking to y’all, even when you don’t talk back. Because truly, I get that kind of silence. There are many blog voices that I would miss if they suddenly went away, even if I never actually interact with the author or the other blog readers. I realized I would miss our conversations. Our friendship, really. It’s why when I don’t have a burning thought to share I try to at least leave you with a song or a quote or scripture image to enjoy. Because we are friends. And I want you to know that I know you are here. And to assure you that I am, too.

Why do I blog

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  1. Your blog voice would certainly be missed, Anne! I always enjoy your wonderful thoughts and am so glad the conversations will continue! Hugs!!

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