Why I’m OK with not hitting my Nanowrimo goal

NaNoWriMo ends today, and I’ve only written 30,000 words.ย And I’m okay with that.


  • Because I wrote as often as I could in a busy month.
  • Because in the 30K words I wrote I learned so much about my characters and the direction their stories will take–which is a little different from what I thought when I started to write.
  • Because I didn’t put my writing ahead of the people in my life who needed my attention.
  • Because I have a plan to implement now that Nanowrimo is over.
  • Because I can trust the Lord with my work as I walk in obedience day by day.

Do I wish I would have written more? Absolutely! But I am at peace with the decisions I made with my time this month and trust the Lord to bring the fruit He desires from my life and my work. So even though the group challenge of Nanowrimo has ended for 2015, my work on this new story is just beginning–with a fresh 30,000 words as my inspiration.

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