Wodehouse’s World

My husband is an avid reader of World Magazine. I peruse, on occasion. The exception is the annual “Books” issue. That I read from cover to cover.
Besides all the discussion of the past year’s books, I loved the small spotlight on P.G. Wodehouse. He’s one of my absolute favorite authors. Who doesn’t laugh out loud at Bertie Wooster’s antics and Jeeves’s ingenious rescues? Maybe it is part of the reason I fell very easily into the Pre-WWI era in my writing.
Kenan Minkoff, who penned the short article, ends with this: “Many of the people who had the manners that Wodehouse wrote about died in the war, and in the people who did survive, the manners didn’t. But it is a pleasure to slip into a simple age that has gone by or probably never existed. You can have your Middle Earth and speak Elvish. I want to live at Brinkley Court and speak British.”
I wholeheartedly agree!