Woe is Me

My sinuses are at war with all the time I’ve spent out of doors lately. This is unusual for me. First off, until a couple of years ago, I didn’t have allergies. Secondly, I rarely spend time outside, unless I have to. But two track meets and five baseball games in the past two weeks have started me sneezing and clearing my throat. Then the achy eyes, and an itchy-scratchy-tickly throat and wimpy cough set in. And on top of it all, I’m just plain exhausted. So it’s hunker down on the coach day for me. Hopefully with a little rest and a lot of hot tea and inside air, I’ll be back to myself before I have to hit the ground running once more.

2 comments on “Woe is Me

  1. Thank, Lisa. I know I'm a wimp! I do feel better, though, after a day of rest and of staying inside–and your prayers, of course!

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