Writer Reunion

I love getting together with friends. And getting together with writer friends is an unusual treat. Three years ago, on my first trip to the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, I met most of these wonderful ladies. A few more were added on the second trip. I didn’t get to go to Mount Hermon this year, but I’ll meet a few of these again at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference this month in Dallas.

But here’s how it happened. The flight from Dallas to San Jose contained several writers from as far away as three hours outside of Dallas. We met on the San Jose bound flight. We bonded on the three hour delay from San Jose to Dallas—twice. Yes, two years in a row we spent three hours yakking it up in the San Jose airport waiting for our flight to take off.

So this year, with one of our number home for a visit from France, we organized a reunion luncheon. It was great to re-connect. It was inspiring to hear about careers taking off, agents and contracts procured. We prayed for those having personal struggles. We laughed and ate—a lot.

Is there a group of people you’ve shared an experience with in the past? Call them all together again. Renew memories. Catch up on news. Enjoy the tapestry of relationships God has brought into your life.

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  1. D’Ann,
    Hope you backtrack and read this, because I don’t have your email. I’ll look for you at the ACFW meeting next weekend. Congratulations on being a Genesis finalist. Looks like things are beginning to take off for you. I have good news on the fiction front, also. I’ll share it with you when we have a chance to talk.
    You can contact me via my web site: http://www.rmabry.com. Hope to hear from you.
    Richard Mabry
    (from your Mt Hermon/Gayle Roper group)

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