A Bit of Poetry

I’m not a prolific poet. In fact, most of my poetry came out of the angst of my teenage years. But it’s been a bad last few days, a stressful couple of months, and the words refused to stay inside me.

A thousand little stings,
A thousand little slashes,
A thousand little pieces of my heart are torn

A thousand words do nothing
To heal the broken places,
A thousand thoughts can haunt me to the breaking of the

A thousand weighted burdens
Resting on my shoulders,
A thousand tears spilled wishing that they’d all just go

A thousand moments needed
To lay upon Your bosom,
To receive Your balm of healing that will all my pain

2 comments on “A Bit of Poetry

  1. D – Thanks for sharing that. You should write more poetry – it was so moving! I’m praying for you.

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