A Break from Spring Break

I thought I’d have time to post quite a bit over Spring Break. But, alas, while it has been a break for my children, it has been 100x busier than normal life for me! This is my first day with no appointments, no pressing errands. I might actually be able to do one or two of the things here at home that I need to do! But the kids go back on Monday, so I’m determined to use this weekend to get things in order around my house so I can write again first thing Monday morning.

2 comments on “A Break from Spring Break

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Richard. And you were right, the words were still here waiting for me today.

  2. Enjoy your family–they’ll be grown soon enough. Your words will still be there for you next week, and they’ll be more genuine because you’ve been a real person, a wife and mother, this weekend.

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