A Frenzy and A Funk

Hello my dear blog friends! I want to apologize for my absence lately. To be honest, I’ve spent the past month in a frenzy and a funk. Yes, those two things might seem incongruous, but both are completely accurate descriptions lately! The good news is that as of this week, I feel like I’m back to me again, ready to take control of my schedule and to move ahead with creativity and excitement in my work.

Of course, after back-to-back three day trips I have tons of catching up to do! But I promise that in the very near future you will be seeing some new content here–new weekly features as well as a return to my posts on what God is teaching me through life and through His Word.

Each and every one of you who click over here to read are such an encouragement to me. I hope I can continue to be an encouragement to you, too!