A Parking Lot Rant

Has anyone else noticed the lack of parking lot etiquette these days? Used to, if you were driving the aisles and someone was in reverse and halfway out of their space, you stopped and let them out. Not anymore. Now people expect the person backing out to notice everything. In fact, I had a person the other day turn down the aisle while I was halfway out of my space and honk at me to stop as they drove past! Really?

Pedestrians are the same way. I’ve noticed lately that even if you look both ways and start to back out, often someone just keeps walking behind your car anyway, sometimes without even a glance around them. Parents don’t even seem to be teaching small children to notice a running car–especially with its reverse lights on–which is particularly dangerous for those not tall enough to be easily spotted by a driver in the rearview mirror or out the back window. What happened to stopping? Or even to walking around the front of the exiting car?

Have we really become in such a hurry, so focused on ourselves, that we don’t have a moment or two to extend kind curtesy to a stranger, not to mention keep ourselves and our children out of the path of danger? And if this attitude is so prevalent now, what will happen as future generations enter the world of licensed drivers?

8 comments on “A Parking Lot Rant

  1. It’s “Entitlement.” Everyone anymore just feels so entitled. I have people walk right out in front of my car as I drive to work, not at a crosswalk I’d anything. Just step off the curb in front of my car… We have raised a very entitled, spoiled culture.

  2. I think some of it is due to the fact that we’re always in such a hurry. Ironic that we’ve spent decades developing tools and gadgets to give us more leisure time, yet we seem to have less. We all just need to slow down a little. Chill out. Look for someone to help. And, as you mention, teach our children to do the same. What a legacy that would be!

    • Yes, I’m trying. But I’m afraid I’m going to accidentally run into one of these loonies in the process!

  3. Oh, Anne, I feel your pain! My frustration has been with doors lately. I’ve got 3 little ones in tow and can’t tell you how many times a man or group of teens will watch me try and push everyone, including the stroller through the door. I am definitely teaching my sons to be door openers!

    • That is so frustrating, Joanne! If my boys were around, they would open the doors for you and your little ones! I just hate how we lost all those little kindnesses in our society!

    • Agreed! I’ve actually started taking some longer, less travelled routes to places just to avoid other drivers. That and parking at the back of the parking lot. 🙂

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