A Real Book

Thanks to my dear, tenacious friend Leslie Wilson, today I hold my very own copy of a book with my name in it. No, not a novel. Not even a book with my name on the cover. Or even in the “acknowledgements” section, although such books have been very special to me. 

In this book, on page 107 to be exact, my reworked article “Let it Snow,” along with my name, appears in the newly released gift book A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts. (Check back Monday for an interview post with the authors!)

 It’s my first time to be published in a real book. (Okay, so one flash fiction piece got added to the contest’s anthology, but who buys those? No one. At least, no one except the people who have stories in them!) And what a beautiful book to debut in! It is full of color, scrapbook-style pages relating heartwarming stories, mouth-watering recipes, and holiday tips and traditions for making the Christmas season memorable. 

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! Is it time to put up the tree yet?

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  1. D’Ann, thanks for hosting the book tour tomorrow and for promoting A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts. We are delighted to have your story of your children’s first white Christmas in the book.

  2. Thanks again for interviewing us and alerting your readers about A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts.
    I’m one of the co-authors and truly we are so pleased with the looks and quality of this product. First, it’s hardbound, second some of the front cover snowflakes are silver and sparkle, and each page of the book looks like an old scrapbook of recipes, inspirational stories and historical entries.
    The publisher tells me that 1/3 of this edition is already sold through pre-order. So those wanting a copy would be wise to order it online now rather than wait until it’s in (or sold out) at bookstores.
    Thanks again and have a blessed holiday season.

  3. Thanks, y’all!

    My piece is about my kids’ first white Christmas, which happened a few years ago while visiting their grandparents in Pennsylvania.

    The book is available at all your favorite online bookstores!

  4. Congratulations on your publishing achievements! Awesome!

    I was just wandering through and wanted to let you know that I’ve got the COOLEST giveaway going on at my site. I’m just so gee golly excited about that I can’t think straight!


    Please tell your friends and come check it out!


  5. Congratulations! This sounds like a delightful book. I’d love to read your story and will look for the book in October.

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