A Story Resurrected

An email popped up in my inbox late last week. It referenced a story I wrote long ago. It was a flash fiction story—less than 500 words—that garnered an Honorable Mention, along with $25, in a Whim’s Place contest.

Now, two and a half years later, they are doing an anthology and want to include my story! Isn’t that fun? Out of the blue. A story I still read and am amazed that I wrote.

This will be the second time one of my contest entry stories has ended up in an anthology. I know, not many people outside of the contributors and their families will buy it, but it’s awesome to see your name, your words in a real book.

2 comments on “A Story Resurrected

  1. It is indeed great. And it saves you from having to get two copies of the phone book so you can send one to your relatives to show them your name in print.

    Seriously, congratulations. Persistence pays (and talent helps).

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