A Tiny Glimpse

So many of you, my friends, have listened to me talk about revising and revising and revising again my current novel, so I thought I’d let you into the innermost sanctum of a writer for a tiny glimpse, lest you think you’d enjoy the process!
I’m on my fourth major revision of this book. I’ve tweaked plots, added characters, subtracted characters. I’ve moved whole sections from front to back and back to front. Trying to remember what’s been added or deleted or where that detail/conversation/episode now resides in the book is like trying to herd cats! If only I could de-claw them somehow first! Instead I chase this tail and that one, round and round and round, until I can’t see straight. Hopefully when I reach the end once more the entire book will be a seamless finished product, a line of sleeping cats purring in contentment.
And you thought a book just came out of a writer in one whole piece, didn’t you? No, it’s more like a 50,000 piece puzzle where only 30,000 of the pieces actually make the picture. Kind of makes you want to be a writer, doesn’t it?

1 comment on “A Tiny Glimpse

  1. D'Ann, thanks for the post. It's appropriate to what I'm doing right now…revising a book for what seems like the 80th time. You've been so encouraging through this process for me, and I appreciate it. Yesterday was the 3rd day in a row of fixing the same 3500 words. I have to keep remembering I'm working for God, and it helps, but I do need a shot of His creativity! Thanks for sharing.

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